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Balancing Hormones with Nutrition

posted on: November 4, 2015    |    by: Michelle Ricker, RDN

Let’s not kid ourselves here; all women have to deal with hormonal shifts throughout our lives. However, we can be proactive about balancing hormones. provides some wonderful information to keep our hormones regulated and side effects at a minimum by utilizing nutrition instead of medication.

Balancing Hormones with Seeds and Vitamins

Here are some helpful tips to incorporate into your daily routine to nurture yourself and help minimize challenging monthly female issues.

Day 1 of your menstrual cycle begins with the first day of bleeding. From Day 1 to Day 15 we need more estrogen to build up the lining of the uterus, the endometrium. During this follicular phase, we can naturally increase our estrogen levels with seeds such as flaxseed and pumpkin.

From Day 15 to Day 30, or the second part of the cycle (also known as the luteal phase), the corpus luteum begins to release progesterone. This hormone will help thicken the uterus lining and prepare it for implantation. The high contents of zinc in sesame seeds and vitamin E in sunflower seeds have been shown to stimulate progesterone production. By adding two tablespoons of sesame and sunflower seeds per day in the luteal phase, we can naturally support the body to produce more progesterone, as many women experience low levels of this important hormone.



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