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Kill Your Cold With These Powerful Food Fighters

posted on: November 22, 2016    |    by: Adam Reith

Medicines definitely have a place when you’re laid up with an achy flu or wheezing respiratory infection. But your long term health and speedy recovery also benefit from superior nutrition, which begins with the pantry cabinet, not the medicine one. So what are the top fighters to stock in your corner?

• Leafy greens. Green vegetables such as kale, bitter greens, and spinach are nutrient dense foods that have bountiful fiber plus high levels of A, B, and C vitamins. Bitter greens keep your gut flora happy by increasing the acid levels in your stomach and detoxifying the liver.

• Red pepper. Raw peppers are packed with vitamin C, which is needed more than ever when your immune system is fighting off a cold. Peppers also have carotenoids, fiber, and vitamin E.

• Parsnips. These carrot-like vegetables provide a healthy alternative to potatoes with loads of complex carbohydrates rather than the simple starches in potatoes that can spike your insulin.

• Coconut oil. Coconut oil is a natural anti-viral that can fight back against cold and flu viruses. Whether you add it to your tea or cook your veggies in it, it should be a key staple in your pantry.

• Ginger. This root, used for its strong medicinal properties throughout Asia for hundreds of years, is a potent anti-nausea machine. It contains gingerol, which also helps with menstrual cramps, bloating, and indigestion.

• Pineapple. Imagining yourself sipping a pineapple-infused mai-tai provides its own medicine, but the noble pineapple fights body invaders as well as those in the mind. It is loaded with vitamin C as well bromelain, a top antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Whether you’re keeping illness at arm’s length during this year’s flu season or already combating a pesky invader, remember to work your kitchen as well as your pharmacy for optimal health. We’re here for you if you need more nutritional guidance too!

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