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Invest in Yourself to Stay Healthy

posted on: November 25, 2015    |    by: Michelle Ricker, RDN

We all are striving to be the best we can be. It is no surprise that those that rise to the top not only make financial success a priority, but they also strive for personal success, i.e. personal well-being.

It is not an easy task to perform at your highest capacity every day to run a company, raise a family, take care of the bills, drum up new business, etc. when you are feeling tired or sick. Take a look at entrepreneur and best-selling author Kevin Daum’s simple tips to help you feel your best day-in and day-out:

  1. Schedule your eating. Listen to your body and give it what it needs to maintain energy all day long.
  2. Integrate your diet and use moderation. Choose the healthiest options when you’re on the go, at a restaurant or a party.
  3. Amortize your exercise. Make a realistic exercise schedule you can stick with to maintain your health.
  4. Treat your mind like a muscle. Work it, feed it and give it the necessary rest and relaxation!
  5. Stay positive. Find the silver lining in a difficult situation, celebrate little successes and let off steam in healthy ways.
  6. Rely on professionals. Prevention really is the best medicine, so be sure to make time for checkups and vaccinations.
  7. Give yourself a rest. Get enough sleep and schedule time to relax and recharge.

FitNow will help you to master all of these techniques so you can be a success in business AND in life!! We are professionals and can design a nutrition and fitness program specifically for you – based on DNA. We’ll help you find your balance by integrating these 7 tips into your lifestyle program, keeping you centered, happy and healthy.

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